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It's showtime! Here's where to park


PonCon is nearly here! The conference is being held at the United Shore HQ in Pontiac, MI. We have ample parking spaces in front of the main entrance. Please enter the campus from South Blvd. and follow the signs to the main entrance. You can also find the main entrance from the orange pillars. continue reading

OWASP Detroit Presents Wolfgang Goerlich!


OWASP Detroit has been working with us to put on PonCon and they’ve surprised us today with a special guest speaker! We would like to welcome J Wolfgang Goerlich to the roster of the first annual PonCon! Wolfgang brings a varied reportoire of experience when it comes to implement secure processes and practices within technical teams and organiz... continue reading

We've lowered ticket prices!


We have good news for you! The planning committee has heard your feedback and we’ve lowered our ticket pricing. Here’s a breakdown of the new pricing structure: Standard Ticket: $35 Conference Only/No Food Ticket: $20 After Party Ticket: No change Some of you have taken advantage of discount codes. Each discount code now discounts $5 less th... continue reading

What's on the menu


For breakfast we are planning to have a variety of pastries such as muffins and bagels as well as water, tea, coffee, and juices. For lunch we are planning to have a Southern BBQ Buffet with Pulled Pork, Spiced Bone-in Chicken, Slider Buns and two sides and baked cookies for desert. continue reading

New speaker added


We have an update to the speaker list and would like to introduce Gaines. Gaines brings his talk “From Developer to Data Scientist” to fill an opening in an already robust list of topics in our lineup for PON CON. Welcome Gaines! continue reading

Houston we have a website


We have created a website to display the awesome presenters and great content that they are providing to the community. Please check back often for more updates, and tell all your friends. continue reading

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